Offshore rigs

Our expertise is rooted in decades of producing reliable ventilation solutions for the marine industry. Each component and solution undergo thorough testing and documentation to ensure both reliability and longevity, simplifying maintenance for years to come. With a proven track record of expertise in testing and documentation, we stand out for our historical capability in delivering top-quality solutions.

Image of offshore rig

Tailor-made to your specifications

Our customers in the offshore oil and gas sector value our expertise, enabling us to design and manufacture components and systems tailor-made for their needs. Knowing that our products are fully documented and certified according to the relevant standards we have full confidence that we deliver what our customers need.

Nyborg products fulfill the ventilation needs in multiple areas, from traditional ventilation of technical spaces to special one-off solutions. We also deliver fans and solutions to suppliers of cooling/heating equipment, or other applications where high quality fans are needed.

Worker measuring component
Sheets of metal
Worker welding